Forget Resolutions; Pick “One Word” for the New Year (Great for Students)

If you could sum up who you want to be or how you want to live in ONE WORD for the next year, what would that one word be?  That’s the challenge put forth by One Word 365.

#OneWord365 dumps the ineffective act of traditional resolutions then asks us to find a single word to shape the entire year ahead. 

Not only does the #OneWord365 movement partake in a powerful act of minimalism, but also does it require you to be intentional and committed to living and imbuing that one word as a directive force into everything you do the next 12 months.

I did this activity with high school Spanish students. The level of depth of their introspection and conversation surprised me. This task was personally meaningful to them.

I would recommend bringing this alternative and much more mindful approach to New Year’s Resolutions to any classroom.

Ideas on using OneWord365 with Students and Faculty:

  • Integrated with previously learned or new vocabulary, especially for Litties
  • Geared toward just one class for one semester (i.e. a word of “FOCUS” for math class)
  • Incorporated into behavioral interventions for the semester/school year.
  • Applied within specific faculty PLC (Professional Learning Community) groups either as individual enrichment or group-specific intentions

I will be encouraging my schools to take up a One Word for 2017 instead of goals. How nifty would it be if an entire faculty came together to pick a One Word for their school culture for the new year?

A challenge for you:  Choose your one word to drive you for the new year.

This is the word that you must bring to mind when you make decisions, when you design milestones, and which will direct you in all you do.

So, what’s your One Word? Do you need ideas? Check out what other people have chosen by exploring the Twitter hashtag #OneWord365. (Here’s my One Word for 2017.)

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